The Major Causes of Incontinence in Women's Pelvic Health

There are many women in the world that suffer from incontinence and it can affect any woman that is at any age. There are different causes that can lead to women developing incontinence that will be discussed in this article. One of the major causes of this condition is the weakened muscles of the pelvic floor, if the muscles are weak, they don't have the capacity to keep the urethra closed, this can lead to the leaking of urine when you do normal activities like laughing or even running. This weakness can be fixed and you need to go and visit your doctor for further guidance.


Incontinence can also be caused by giving birth, pelvic muscles can be affected by the pressure that the womb applies on the bladder, and the weakness can also be caused by the pressure that is usually applied during the childbirth process itself. If you experience this condition during your pregnancy, it can be a temporary condition. You can be able to improve on your condition if you conduct pelvic floor exercises.


If you are in a menopause stage, you can also go thought this incontinence condition because of the hormonal changes that are happening in your body. In your body, during the menopause stage, your bladder can change its position and this can limit how effective your muscles will be. There is also another culprit of incontinence in women and this is being overweight. When you are overweight, when you have so much weight, there is so much pressure that is exerted on your pelvic muscles as well as the abnormal muscles and this can lead to the condition arising, go here to know more!


There are also some medication conditions at that can lead to incontinence developing; some of these conditions can be diabetes or even stroke. These conditions normally affect the nerves in the brain thus interfering with the right signals that are sent by the brain to the bladder. Your body can also be unable to understand the signals that your brain sends if you happen to have a condition like dementia.


When you have brain damaged, your brain will not have the ability to communicate with your bladder and this can lead to the development of incontinence. The medication that you are taking can be the cause of your incontinence, it is important to ensure that you talk to your doctor and ask if the drugs you are taking can be the culprits. Visit this website at to know more about health.